Aboard an Apollo (À bord d'un Apollo)

English translation

Aboard an Apollo

You, the chlidren of the earth
Take all your numbers so that(1)
You can play truant from school
All together aboard an Apollo(2)
From above there, the earth
Looks as round as zero
It's such a beautiful cruise
When you are right aboard an Apollo
Come, you all, it's wonderful
From there, the world looks as blue
When it is seen from here
It seems to be kind to us
Come, you all, it's wonderful
From there, the world looks happy
You can forget your worries
It's much better like that
Everyone of us is the same age
When we are dreaming about tomorrow
Let's leave to make a nice journey
Towards the moon while holding hands
From above there, no more
Problems, free life of birds
All the countries are the same
When you are right aboard an Apollo
(3rd & 4th verse)
It's much better like that (x3)
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Additional notes:
(1) The numbers meant here are possibly turn numbers
(2) Apollo, a space rocket
I have adjusted the lines just a little.

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À bord d'un Apollo

Vous les enfants de la terre
prenez tous vos numéros
pour faire l'école buissonnière
tous ensemble à bord d’un Apollo
De là haut on voit la terre
aussi ronde qu'un zéro
qu'elle est jolie la croisière


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evfokas4 years 42 weeks
evfokas     June 5th, 2012

Excellent thank you again, may I suggest
(1) The numbers are queue numbers meaning take your turn
(2) play truant from school maybe a better option
Tu as la première mondiale pour ces paroles alors tu seras le premier enfant et moi le deuxième pour le prochain Apollo

benevoliste     June 5th, 2012

(1) maybe a good idea Smile
(2) I did not know how to say it in English, thanks

evfokas     June 5th, 2012

(2) It's "play truant", other options "skip school", "wag school"

french76     June 5th, 2012

Nice translation of Aboard an apollo. Vicky Leandros was a pretty girl then and is still very pretty today. She also as a pretty singing voice. I ask to have translated into english so i could learn the song in french and to allow americans to know what the song is all about because it is part of are history everybody in the united states should have access to these lyrics that describe a moon landing program. An the lyrics describe what the moon landings were like exactly.

benevoliste     June 6th, 2012

My initial reason for commenting about the numbers was that I wanted to point out what kind of numbers "numéro" can mean quite generally, but taking in account the context. @french76 and all, you are welcome and thank you for any praise, I feel flattered Wink