Shiny (Brillante [Shiny])

English translation


Long ago I didn't have this glamour
I used to be a very dull little crab.
But now, I'm happy and at my peak
Because I'm very beautiful, baby.
Your grandma made you listen to your heart
"Be the way you are on the inside"
I'm going to dismantle that argument
She lied.
(It's) better to be shiny
Like the treasure of a ship that sank.
My cover is shiny
Just like a collar worth a million.
Just a sec.
You know that fish are dumb
They always look for something shiny
Beginners! Oh
And there they go with no rhyme nor reason
To the most radiant thing
Mmmm tasty!
Come, little fish
In a little dress
Well, well, well
Maui has a little problem with his look.
Little semi mini mini god.
What an awful show, come here
Okay? That hook is too big for you.
However I have something to thank you for
And the tattoos on your body
Cause I made a work of art out of myself too
Don you see?
I am very shiny.
I gleam like a diamond or a ruby.
I'm like that, a shiny guy
Not even a army would make me succumb
I can fend for myself.
Maui, dude. You can try
But there was never a demigod
Who beat a decapod, look it up.
And now you will die
I will take your heart out of you with precision.
Far from those who abandoned you
You sought love and affection amongst humans
You think you're so tough, but your shield is fragile
Maui, now I'm gonna kick you
Have you ever seen someone so...
Shiny? The last thing you'll see will be me
C'est la vi mon ami, I'm shiny
You'll make a wish before I eat you, then you'll die.
You'll never be this radiant, you'll never be this shiny
Submitted by Elia Ell on Fri, 27/01/2017 - 19:41

Brillante [Shiny]

Hace tiempo no tenia este glamour
fui un cangrejito muy soso
pero ahora estoy feliz y en plenitud
porque soy muy bello nena.