Battle Fields (Câmpuri de luptă)

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Battle Fields

It’s clearly too late, but how come it is so soon?
Tears that you’ve shed are silently calling me,
You could have left me a note, I would have deserved at least that,
An ad in a newspaper…so that I would know I had lost you.
Only the eyes speak and the lips are quiet
And the golden hair is not caressed
Only the eyes speak and the heart listens
Your cheeks look like battle fields to me.
I’m not the same man I used to be,
I will never be that man,
I will forget that it hurt me
And I will forgive in my own way.
When our wounds hurt,
We live only in the past,
You cut my wings while I was flying
Then, when I lost you.
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Câmpuri de luptă

Este sigur prea târziu, dar de ce-i așa devreme?
Lacrimi ce-ai vărsat mă strigă în tăcere,
Un bilet să-mi fi lăsat, aș fi meritat atât,
Un anunț într-un ziar.. să știu că te-am pierdut.
Doar ochii vorbesc, și buzele tac,
Iar părul bălai e nemângâiat;


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Calusarul4 years 19 weeks
Calusarul     November 13th, 2012

Cred că anunț e cu un singur d. Cu doi d e verbul a adăuga.

licorna.din.vis     November 13th, 2012

Şi crezi bine. Mulţumesc Smile