In cahoots

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In cahoots (English) — To conspire with someone.

English, explained by absolutelsewhere on Thu, 22/06/2017 - 06:17

In cahoots — U tajnom dogovoru, u sprezi, u dosluhu.

Serbian, explained by sajlovicnatasa on Mon, 01/05/2017 - 22:04

"In cahoots" in lyrics

I got kicked out of summer camp for havin sex in my tent
with the superintendent's daughter, my brain's out of order
I've been a Kon Artis since I was swimmin in water
In cahoots with this nigga named Carlisle Von
who got fired from UPS for tryin to send you a bomb
(Special delivery!) I signed to a local label for fun

Eminem - Under the Influence

At night I wear a wolf's head on my regular head
Considering a regular character sketch
Food hoarder, communes with the flora
Computes in cahoots with beauty and brute force
I've got a brand new normal at a thirty in New York, plus
Years at the fire pulling portions out of corn husks

Aesop Rock - Cat Food

When it’s time to get out of bed
I will have two craters under my eyes
We must believe that my sleep
Is in cahoots with the sun<fn>not sure about this!</fn>


Renan Luce - Sleepless night

Talking of my attributes, the things I do so well
As anyone who's in cahoots with me will readily tell
I've lived up here, I've been down there, I've bought so I could sell
And if I drove a faster car, I'd drive it bloody well

Electronic - The Patience Of A Saint