The calm before the storm

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The calm before the storm (English) — Momenat prije nego sto 'oluja' zapocne ,misleci na momenat smirenja prije nego sto osjecaj ljutnje i bijesa ne obuzme tijelo ili um,osjecaj nakon dugog nakupljanja u sebi.

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The calm before the storm — Literally: The quiet before the storm.

This can be used to describe the feeling of a build up of tension and refers to the perception that before a storm begins, there is a period of calm.

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The calm before the storm — Fırtına öncesi sessizlik

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Translations of "The calm before the storm"

FrenchC'est le calme avant la tempête
GermanDie Ruhe vor dem Sturm
RussianЗатишье перед бурей
Spanishla calma que precede a la tormenta

"The calm before the storm" in lyrics

Admit it and at least don't talk nonsense,
You are incorrigible, incredible, this makes me smile,
I said it was over, we cannot be together,
Don't you see the calm before the storm?
Who do you think you are?

Emre Kaya - Thank You

Own it, give 'em an image of us that will
Last for all time

Oh, in the calm before the storm
Another legend will be born
Another battle will be won

Disturbed - Immortalized

It's all over now

Few fail to break the silence

Most prefer the calm before the storm

You choose cities over islands

I'm returning to the place where I was born at home

Gossip - Into The Wild

The rain is coming, streets are becoming empty
The night begins to fall and street lamps put out the dusk with their light

The calm before the storm is permeating whole dark land
Flashes on the sky launch into the black night
Rainy day, rainy night

Myslovitz - Rain

The seventh and eighth skies<fn>lit. seventh sky, eighth sky</fn>
Is where only <cite>Tamutamu</cite><fn>Tamutamu is a figure in Tongan myth, and also a word that describes the reddish clouds during sunset.</fn>resides.
A wondrous sight<fn>lit. a great thing ("thing" refers to the scenery) to behold</fn>
Like the calm before the storm.<fn>lit. [its/his] anger after a period/time of silence</fn>

The ninth and tenth skies<fn>lit. ninth sky, tenth sky</fn>

Oceanic Folk - The Story of the Skies

I see the empty battlefield,
I am all alone in a war out there
And I hate the calm before the storm
When it happens, it's easier to breath
I see the empty battlefield,

Tiktak - Heroine

[Verse 1]
Feel the calm before the storm
I'll be leaving in the morning
You were my sweet summer song

Tinashe - Wildfire

Just like the calm before the storm
My conscience is being held hostage
Just like the calm before the storm
My conscience is being held hostage

Les Vulgaires Machins - Parasites

I might be coming home
It might be over now
But I already feel
The calm before the storm

Lord of the Lost - Into The Killing Fields

just like a mentioned kiss with every letter they are growing stronger days go
by feelings, they go on unfortunately,
without you it will never snow in florida it's best to take your time conversation
cuts like glass i'm the calm before the storm i'm the second before the crash
i've been between myself for days i'm the hero of the year.

New Found Glory - It Never Snows In Florida

You were my very own sympathetic character

I was afraid of verbal daggers
I was afraid of the calm before the storm
I was afraid of for my own bones
I was afraid of your seduction

Alanis Morissette - Sympathetic Character

Our shadows kiss before we do
And right there in the dark
I revel in the calm before the storm

The garden is haunted by us

Tired Pony - Held In The Arms Of Your Words

The backstage filled with liquor and a lot of traum'
Cause it's been hard on Vinnie since my father's gone
I'm about to blow the fucking horns like it was Rosh Hashanah
This is the calm before the storm, Armageddon dawn
Carry a motherfucker head that I shred in Nam
I speak literally, figuratively, the prophet gone

Jedi Mind Tricks - Design In Malice

All I need is your love and a little bit of patience

You could ask me for a sorry
Let it the calm before the storm
Ask for pieces of my body
Until all of it is yours

Britney Spears - Just Luv Me

And there ain't nothin' that is gonna break my spirit

The calm before the storm
The cracks between these walls
And when the water falls, I'm gonna

Ricki-Lee - Dance In The Rain

Side by side we'll face the threat
In this hostile foreign land
It's the calm before the storm
The dawn before the battle's won
It's the mind that cannot sleep

Lunatica - Together

When the water rushes in
I feel it filling up my lungs
I'm in the calm before the storm
When I dive, feel the wind in my hair
Nobody can talk me down

Astrid S - Jump

I'm sorry for what I've done.
I want it all.
It's the calm before the storm.

Richy Nix - Stay Alive

I can feel the floor shaking, and the glass begin to break
The air is getting thinner with every breath that I take,
The calm before the storm, you can hear the drop of a pin
Never been claustrophobic, but now the walls are closing in

Stealth - Judgement Day

Because an "all-clear" is just around the corner
Smells like Kristallnacht<fn></fn>

In the calm before the storm - what is this?
People leaving town on the quiet
Dignitaries undercover

BAP - Kristallnacht

And I know it
But here I am in your arms
And, yeah, we're crawling like a secret
But it's just the calm before the storm

Cause baby, your lips like fire

Against The Current - Blood like gasoline

Come join the club, catch up with us
We won't die alone, 'cause we are falling in love
It's the calm before the storm, wait for something more
Felt this all before
I fall back to you

Gold Fields - Make Me Feel

We couldn’t save the world
At least we tried

It’s the calm before the storm we’re listening, listening
Together we will stand and not surrender
Together we will stay forever

From Dawn to Fall - The World We Left Behind

Girl, we've been meant for this since we were born
(Since we were born)
No problems now, coast is clear (Ooh)
It's just the calm before the storm

This must be just like livin' in paradise

David Lee Roth - Just Like Paradise

I could be young man or I could be old
I could be a gentleman, I could be violent
I could turn hot, man, or I could be cold
I could be just like the calm before the storm boy,
waiting for all hell yeah to break loose
I could be innocent or I could be guilty

John Butler Trio - Zebra

There is a small beauty

I’m happy right now, so I’m nervous
Because there’s always the calm before the storm
Because I don’t want to be set on fire and burn quickly
I’m cheering for love

Hyukoh - Tomboy

And if there is no point today for tomorrow what's the point?
I do not want a bleak future in the shadows of the present
Just want to conquer peaks to terms with you
And have no peace, only the calm before the storm
Every part I miss you even a single hair
If Aikmno the situation let's straighten things out

The Ultras - At night alone

And pain is burning in my throat.
So, I still stay on top of Tower, and I know –
This is the Calm...
This is the Calm before the Storm...

…The Storm, the Storm surges above the wild sea,

ASP - The Calm before the Storm

Have you ever heard 'bout the calm before the storm?
You see me as a quiet one,
But you've never seen me taking form,
Have you ever heard 'bout the calm before the storm?

I'm a triangle

Madh - Triangle

it was the calm before the storm when we met
we've saved our lifes and lost our hearts instead
we've lost our consciousness
lost everything we had
I thought I got you when I had you in my bed

Fury in the Slaughterhouse - Everything I did