Spanish Children Songs - Canción de las Brujas (English translation)


Canción de las Brujas

La torre negra
crece a media noche
cuando el búho canta,
uh ... uh ... uh ...
Vuelan las Brujas
en grandes escobas
al juntarse las agujas
del reloj ...
Los niños malos
sueñan visiones,
malas acciones hicieron ayer;
y los enanos les dan pescozones
¡para que se porten bien!
Entran las Brujas
por las ventanas.
rac, ric, rac, ric
Siempre se esconden
bajo las camas.
rac, ric, rac, ric
Y con miradas bizcas
hechan chispas
para quemar
a los muchachos tontos
que no quieren estudiar.
En el tapanco
suenan pisadas.
rac, ric, rac, ric
Se oyen portazos
y risotadas.
rac, ric, rac, ric
Son las malditas Brujas
empeñadas en buscar
a los groseros, y mentirosos,
y a los que estudian mal.
Pero los buenos
duermen risueños
Dan din don, din don, din, dan
en sus camitas
con lindos sueños.
Dan din don, din don, din, dan
Una nenita sueña
que su osito se va a casar
con la muñeca rubia
que le acaban de comprar.
Vienen las Hadas
y los Cocuyos
Dan din don, din don, din, dan
Cantan canciones
como murmullos.
Dan din don, din don, din, dan
Si es que te portas bien
a media noche las has de oír ...
¡Pero cuidado,
pues si eres malo
brujas podrán venir ...!
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English translation

Song of the witches

The black tower
grows at midnight
When the owl cries
the witches are flying
on large brooms
to band together the needles
of the watch
the naughty children
are dreaming visions
of the bad deeds they did yesterday
and the dwarves, slap their necks
"See that you'll behave !"
The witches enter
through the windows
rac, ric, rac, ric
They always hide
under the beds
rac, ric, rac, ric
And with cross-eyed glances
they light sparks
to burn
the silly boys
that don't like to learn (1)
In the attic
footsteps can be heard
rac, ric, rac, ric
you can hear doors slam
and cackling
rac, ric, rac, ric
It's the damn witches
hellbent on searching
for uncouth and lieing children
and those that don't like to learn
But the goodly children
Smile in their sleep
Dan din don, din don, din, dan
in their little beds
with sweet dreams
Dan din don, din don, din, dan
a little girl dreams
that her teddybear is getting married
to the blonde doll
that she just got bought
The fairies are coming
and the light beetles (2)
Dan din don, din don, din, dan
They sing songs
as though they murmured
Dan din don, din don, din, dan
So if you behave well
At midnight is when you'll hear them
But beware
incase you're naughty
witches may come... !
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TL mine
(1) or "don't like to study"
(2) Pyrophorus, a small bioluminiscent beetle

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