Song for Ana (Canción para Ana)

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Song for Ana

On the clear, sunny days, a boy used to sing
a beautiful song named "Ana".
Ana was just a girl, nevertheless love
made her smile when she listened that voice.
He went away one grey day, at dawn.
He left, trying his luck, eager to live.
He smiled as he said "Goodbye, don't cry anymore,
my song will keep you company".
Your heart saved that song inside your chest,
like some secret candy, like a little sunlight.
And you grew up slowly, counting April after April
and no other song ever made you laugh or cry.
You won't be able to forget
your song nevermore.
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Canción para Ana

Un muchacho cantaba los días claros del sol
Con el nombre de ana una preciosa canción
Ana era una niña y sin embargo el amor
Le aportaba sonrisas al escuchar esa voz
El se fue al amanecer un día gris
Se marcho a tentar al azar por afán de vivir
Sonrió al decir adiós no llores mas