By Chance [ bel sodfa (بالصدفة) ]


bel sodfa (بالصدفة)

عرفت انك خاين
انا بستخسر فيك اخلاصي
ازاي دا انت مكنتش باين
دا انت صحيح ضليت احساسي
كانوا بيحكوا عليك
وانا قاعدة
وقالوا حكايتك انت وواحدة
وقالوا انها حلفت لتسيبك
علشان شاكة فيك مع واحدة
نفسي اعرف
انت خاينها ولا خايني؟
!تلاقيك ناسي
بقى مش فارق عندك جرحي
ولا حاسس باللي بيحصلي
بقى معقولة تنسى ده كله؟
واللي يهمك مين وصلّي
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English translation

By Chance

By chance
I found out that you are a betrayer
You were not worth my loyalty
How were you not obvious?
You truly guided my feelings astray
They were talking about you
while I was sitting there
They were telling your story with a girl
They said that she swore to leave you
Because she suspects that you are having an affair with another girl
I want to know
Did you betray her with me or betray me with her?
You probably forgot!
Hurting me no longer matters to you
And you don't feel what is going on to me
Is it possible that you forgot all of this?
And all that matters to you, is finding out who let me know about it..
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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VoliTeTvojaNata    April 24th, 2017

Thank you so much! What a beautiful song and what heart-breaking lyrics!