Bordeaux mint [ Chervona Ruta (Червона Рута) ]

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Bordeaux mint

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You said to me,
Why you have that goblets
Without you I all days
In trap of sadness.
Maybe somewhere in forests
You had found drink
But found out sun-rue
And charmed me?
Bordeaux mint
Don't find it in the evening, -
You are my the one,
Only you, believe.
'Cuz your beauty -
It's clear water,
It's fast water
From blue mountains.
I see you in my dream,
In green copses.
On forgotten ways
You come to me.
I don't need that you give
Me flower of hope,
'Cuz many times ago
You came into my dreams.
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Chervona Ruta (Червона Рута)

Ти признайся мені
Звідки в тебе ті чари
Я без тебе всі дні
У полоні печалі


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algebra5 years 50 weeks
Mauler     October 15th, 2010

You maintain that you speak fluent Ukrainian, but you can't tell red from black???
"'Cuz" is no good English, by the way

innac     January 12th, 2016

Google translation ?