She cries, rings me (Chora, me liga)

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She cries, rings me

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You shouldn't have fallen in love
It was just an one-night stand
I told you so
Baby, I told you so

You knew that I am this man
A passion of an only night
That ends in a puff
I told you so
Baby, I told you so

It's not going to be so easy
To have me in your hands
Especially you, who had this habit of breaking hearts

Don't come ask me
What the best alternative is
I suffered a lot for love before
Now I want to enjoy my life

She cries*, rings me
Begs for my kiss again
Asks for help
Maybe, I'll come to save you

She cries, rings me
Begs for my love
Says "Please"
Maybe, some day I'll look for you again

Submitted by algebra on Wed, 04/05/2011 - 15:28
Author's comments:

*These verbs in the chorus may be in Imperative mode, but it wouldn't make much sense that way

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Chora, me liga

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