María de Lourdes - Cielo rojo (English translation)

English translation

Red Sky

Alone, without your affection
I'm walking, I'm walking
And I don't know what to do
Not even the sky answers me
When I ask for you, my love
I haven't been able to forget you
Since the night, since the night
that I lost you.
Shadows of doubt and jealousy
only make me think of you.
Let me find you
And if I find you, and if I find you,
come back.
Forget about the past,
don't think about yesterday.
Forget about the past,
don't think about yesterday.
While I'm sleeping
I dream that we'll go the two of us together
to a blue sky.
But when I wake up
the sky is red, I'm missing you.
Although it's my fault
of that sad,
of that sad separation,
comes back, for the love of God, your eyes.
Love me again, come back my love.
Let me find you.
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Cielo rojo

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