Dona Dumitru Siminică - Cine are fata mare (English translation)


Cine are fata mare

Cine are fata mare
Mai nene, mare suparare are
Mai nene, se cazneste pan-o creste
Draga nenii, aoleu
Mai nene, si-o ia cin’ se nimereste
Pai dar cine are baiat
Mai neica
Are sufletu-mpacat
Pai de-aia-i bine s-ai baiat
Ca ai sufletu-mpacat
Mai nene, ca baiatu-i tot baiat
Aaa, aoleu
Mai neica, isi ia drumu, pleaca-n sat
Aaau, omul cand imbatraneste
Mai nene, tot de baiat se loveste
Dar e bine s-ai si fata
Mai nene, ca-ti da o cana de apa
Dar e bine sa ai si fata
Ca-ti da o cana de apa
Mai nene, ea te plange pan’ la groapa
Draga nenii
Mai neica, si striga dïn suflet “tata”
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English translation

Who has a grown up girl

Who has a grown up girl
Well Sir, is enduring great sadness
Well Sir, he/she works very hard to raise her
Your dear (girl), oh my!
Well Sir, and someone at random will take her (marry her)
Well, but who has a boy
Well Neica (Neica is a name)
Is very pleased
Well that's why it's good for you to have a boy
Because you are very pleased
Well Sir, because the boy will always be a boy
Aaa, oh my!
Well Neica, he goes on his way, he goes in that (certain) village
Ooohhhh, when the human grows old
Well Sir, will still have to deal with the boy
But it's good for you to have a girl also
Well Sir, because she gives you a cup of water
But it's good for you to have a girl also
Because she gives you a cup of water
Well Sir, she will weep for you until you die
Your dear (girl),
Well Neica, and cries from the bottom of her heart "father"
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