Cinema Paradise (If) [ Cinema Paradiso (Se) ]

Cinema Paradise (If)

If you were in my eyes for one day
you would see the beauty that full of happiness
I find in your eyes
and I ignore if it's magic or loyalty

If you were in my heart for one day
you might have an idea
of what I feel
when you squeeze me tight on you
and chest to chest, we
breath together

Protagonist of your love
I don't know if its magic or loyalty

If you were in my soul one day
you would know what I feel in me
that I'm enamoured
over those instants together with you
and what I feel is
solely love

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Cinema Paradiso (Se)

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latin1990     August 19th, 2015

May anyone confirm it's "magia o Realtà" instead of "lealtà"? Thanks!