Clarence Carter - Slip Away


Slip Away

What would I give
For just a few moments
What would I give
Just to have you near
Tell me you will try
To slip away somehow
Oh, I need you, darling
I want to see you right now
Can you slip away
Slip away
Slip away
Oh, I need you so
Love, oh, love
How sweet it is
When you feel it, darling
Let me tell you something now
How sweet it is
Now I know it's wrong
The things I ask you to do
But please believe me, darling
I don't mean to hurt you
But could you just slip away
Without him knowing you're gone
Then we could meet somewhere
Somewhere where we both are not known
And just can you slip away
Slip away
Slip away
I need you so
Oh, can you slip away, baby
I'd like to see you right now, darling
Can you slip away now, baby
'Cause I got to
I got to see you
I feel a deep burning inside
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