I love you very much (Çok ama çok seviyorum)

English translation

I love you very much

You are my destiny, love itself
I have created/put up an enormous world inside me.
You are the heart of that world.
All the songs that have been written are for you, you
These fires, these rains are for you.
I want to tell you something
Listen to me
I love you very much
and shouthing(??)
I am not ashamed to say it
A person that is ashamed to tell of his/her love
Is a fearful person
When you are by my side
I am not afraid of anything
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Çok ama çok seviyorum

Sen kaderimsin
Aşkı ta kendisisin
Içimde kocaman bir dünya kurdum
O dünyanin kalbisin
Yazılmış tüm aşk türküleri sanadır, sana
Bu yangınlar, bu yağmurlar sanadır, sana
Sana bir şey söylemek istiyorum


dunkelheit     October 10th, 2011

I think you should just say "songs" instead of "folk songs".

Also "Give me your ear" means "listen to me".

Maybe you can say "I love you very much and I'm not ashamed to say it loud" ... And you forgot to translate the line "Sevdiğini söylemekten utanan insan bizden değildir"

That's all! Smile