The seducing game - Love songs

Created by EnrixosfromParis on 11 Mar 2018 | Last edited by EnrixosfromParis on 20 Mar 2018

This regroup all the songs where the characters are learning to know each other with the goal of having an intimate relationship or living a love story

The man is trying to have intimate Relationship tonight with a very
attractive woman who dances like a goddess

Translations:  English Portuguese Spanish

He 's finally telling to the girl he loves the true and deep passion
inside him, waiting for her indefinitely until she changes her
mind and say the word that will unite them

Translations:  English

She found him in a club, and tries to hook him up,
she succeeds and they enjoy a real hot night,
desire with no tomorrow

Translations:  French German

A guy is willing to have the singer as his girlfriend, but
she is not easy to get, and only if he promesses to behave properly
he will have the right of discovering her world and getting her key.

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Song | English Bugus

He meets a very attractive girl, and wants to make her his queen.
because he is looking for her girl to marry, and to introduce to his parents
he made some mistakes with other before, but is willing to change

Translations:  Romanian French Italian

He meets a very nive girl in a club, and tries to seduce her, with
his words, and some very interesting parables

Translations:  English Russian Turkish 54 more

He wants an affair with her, ans she tells him to let go, to
unleash his sexuality, if he wants to be on top of her. she merely wants
him to do the first move, and take the initiative, to release their both
sexualities tonight.

Translations:  Hungarian Croatian Greek

He meets a beautiful girl, with a nice smile. he wants her,
so he tries to take her on a dream, and makes her body getting used
to him. slowly he is coming nearer, because he wants her badly

Translations:  English French Dutch 1 more

He is eating, and suffers the beauty of a woman. he really needs to bring her
home.he couldn't live without her, the guy is burning

Translations:  English French German 2 more

He is deeply in love, and anything she does makes him crazy,
he dreamt of girls like her, asks her to let go by the music rythm

Translations:  French English

A guy that travelled a lot, broke many hearts is hunting

Translations:  English Greek Romanian 2 more

This week end time, time to party, and time to bite some nasty apples

Translations:  English French Serbian 9 more

He as latin lover seducing a girl underneath her window, just the guitar is missing

Translations:  French Finnish

They're both near the swimming pool, everything is so quiet

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