Food for the birds [ Comida para los pájaros (european spanish) [Feed The Birds] ]

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Food for the birds

Mary Poppins:
At the break of day at the cathedral
the old woman is seen arriving at the threshold.
Listening to her call causes deep emotion:
"Buy breadcrumbs.
The birds are hungry,
take pity of their pain,
they are waiting for their crumbs of bread,
they are only tuppence, sir.
Buy bread crumbs,
they cost tuppence, no more.
Buy bread", is her song
as you can see the birds coming.
There are the statues, including those of the saints,
they seem to hear her song.
Perhaps the lips of stone smile
when someone approaches to buy.
Her call always causes emotion
it's a call that reaches the heart:
"Buy, have pity,
buy, buy, crumbs of bread".
Her call always causes emotion
it's a call the reaches the heart:
"Buy me, have pity,
buy, buy, breadcrumbs"
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Comida para los pájaros (european spanish) [Feed The Birds]

Mary Poppins:
Al clarear yendo al templo se ve
la vieja llegar al umbral.
Escuchar su pregón causa honda emoción:
"Compre migajas de pan.
Los pajarillos hambrientos están,
lástima da su dolor,
están aguardando sus migas de pan,