Bilal Sonses - Gözlerine Bakınca Senin (English translation)


Gözlerine Bakınca Senin

Gözlerine Bakınca Senin,
Delin Olurum Ben Senin
İyiki'de Sevmişim Seni,
Sen Benim Iyilik Meleğim
Ne Olsun, Daha Ne Olsun,
Sen Ne Istersen Gülüm O Olsun
Bana Kalırsa Bebeğim,
Bir Kız Birde Oğlumuz Olsun
Sonsuz Olsun Aşkımız,
Bizim Ilk Ve Son Şansımız
Söke Söke Bu Ömrü Biz,
Birlikte Yaşamalıyız
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English translation

When I Look At Your Eyes

When I look at your eyes,
I become crazy for you
It's fortunate that I have loved you
You are my righteous angel
What else, What else?
Whatever you want, my flower, be it
If my baby stays with me,
May we have a girl and a boy (children)
May our love be never-ending
May it be our first and last opportunity
Whether it be by force,
We have to live this life together
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lia    Fri, 15/12/2017 - 16:49

"Sonsuz Olsun Aşkımız" , here in this line the word " Bu" is missing, because the singer says, " Sonsuz Olsun Bu Aşkımız "
Also, " Bizim Ilk Ve Son Şansımız " , in this line, the word " Ve " is not necessary and is "Ikle" because the singer dont say it at all. I hope that this would help those who want to learn this song!

lia    Fri, 15/12/2017 - 11:21

And also the song's title is "When I look into your eyes" and not "at your eye".