Leo Pontes - Olhos Fechados (English translation)

English translation

Eyes Shut

No, this isn't a love letter
I need to release my pain
My heart just wants to settle down, settle down
And I know, I know
It was hard to breathe
We divided the air, almost lost our minds
Time swept it away, in no rush
I shut my eyes to see you
And my body is cured of you, of you... Of you
Open, open* up your heart and go
Onward without looking back
Our promises no longer mean anything, it worked
Eyes, shut to see you
My body, cured of you, of you
Eyes, shut to see you
My body, cured of you, of you... Of you
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*Pretty sure this is "Abre, abre" in Portuguese


Olhos Fechados

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petit élève    Thu, 18/01/2018 - 06:32

Thanks for the translation. This is not really my kind of music, but for some reason I quite like this particular song. It evokes a powerful mix of sadness and relief. A very nice variation on the theme of closure.

I'm just a bit puzzled by the expression "we divided the air". Does that mean sharing the same air made it difficult to breathe?
I'm also not quite sure I understand "it worked" after "Our promises no longer mean anything". Trying to let go eventually worked and unravelled their promises?

valdimar    Thu, 18/01/2018 - 06:27

Thanks for the comment. I had a very similar reaction; I rarely listen to such raw and melancholy songs but found this particular piece irresistible.
I wasn't 100% sure on the air part either, but I interpreted it about the same as you: them constantly having to demarcate their own as opposed to being able share it freely.
My understanding is that the "it worked" is referring to his success in cleansing himself of his emotional ties to his former partner, saying that he no longer feels the weight of the vows they had once made. It also appears that his partner might still be looking to get back together based on those promises, and, with that stanza and the song's opening line, the singer seems to want to reaffirm the permanence of their separation.

I'm by no means a native speaker, so take my interpretations with several grains of salt.