corsica (Corsica)

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In a corner of the world
There's a sparkle of tenderness
Inside my heart, majestic
It fills you with purity
Jewel of wonders
don't look for similars
you won't find another one alike
It's unique, alone and dear.
It had always waken up so much desire
This piece of rock in the middle of the sea
Shining treasure
Sacred as an altar.
Calm, sweet like a lamb
It arises, it revolts
If we despise its people.
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Petru Guelfucci: Top 6
science man     January 12th, 2011

it's in a language called Corsican

MACM     March 11th, 2012

It's in a language called "corsu"! The lyrics in corsu contain some errors, probably because of problems with the "alette".

ci hè un lucucciu
ùn ne circate sumiglie
ùn truverete la para
ghjè unica, sola è cara

yesoru chì spampilla
generosa è accugliente
si rivolta è si ribella...