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In a corner of the world
There's a small place of tenderness
Inside my heart, majestic
Its purity is overwhelming
Marvellous jewel
Don't look for anything like it
you won't find its peer
It's unique, alone and dear.
It always provokes so much envy
This piece of rock in the middle of the sea
Shining treasure
Sacred as an altar.
Calm, sweet like a lamb
Generous and welcoming
Yet stubborn and rebellious
If one despises its people.
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Author's comments:

the corsican text it should read:

In un scornu di lu mondu,
Ci hè un lucucciu tenerezza
Ind'u mio core, maestosu,
Imbalsama di purezza
Ghjuvellu di maraviglie,
Ùn ne circate sumiglie,
Ùn truverete la para ;
Ghjè ùnica, sola è cara.

Face sempre tant'inviglia
Ssu scogliu ciottu in mare,
Tesoru chì spampilla
Sacru cume un altare.
Calma, dolce cum'agnella,
Generosa è accugliente,
Si rivolta è si ribella
S'omu disprezza a so ghjente.

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Thanks for translating this. I've also made the corrections you requested.