Knives' Cross (Cruz de navajas)

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Knives' Cross

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At five the bar in 33 (street) gets closed
But Mario doesn't go out until six
And if he has to be the cashier, say bye
almost always the day comes
while Maria has been already up
she has done the house
she has done even the coffee
and waits for him almost naked
Mario arrives tired and say hi
without much eagerness
he wants bed, but another variety
and Maria gets wet her desire in the cafe
Cupcakes of convex sex
then at the work in a big shop
when she comes back there is no more than a mattress
moody to use by turns
Knives' crosses for a woman
deadly blunts glow at dawn
blood that stained purple the dawn
but today as there has been raided at 33
Mario returns at five less ten
by his empty street at the distance he only sees
a couple eating up by kisses
and poor Mario wants to die
when he gets close to discover
that is Maria with company
On Mario headlong three crosses
One in his forehead the most painful one
Another one on his chest, the one that killed him
and the other lies in the news
two full anxiety drug addicts
rob and kill Mario Postigo
while his wife is a witness
from the gate
Instead of knives' cross for a woman
deadly blunts glow at dawn
blood that stained purple the dawn
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Cruz de navajas

A las cinco se cierra la barra del 33
pero Mario no sale hasta las seis
y si encima le toca hacer caja despidete
casi siempre se le hace de dia
mientras Maria ya se ha puesto en pie
ha hecho la casa
ha hecho hasta el cafe
y le espera medio desnuda


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