Taking care of me on my own (Cuidar Mais De Mim)

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Taking care of me on my own

I came to talk about what I've lost
That I've cried, about what I've gone through
The reason why I loved, gave myself
And how many times I smiled.
I came to tell your heart
That I've already tasted the disappointment taste
Of a love
I came to say I've already suffered too
And how many times I've already lost my mind.
It was too big the pain I've felt
And since ever, I realized
Without love, without illusion
My life is in vain.
It means to die.
I know that parts of the path I've gone through
It was my fault the reason why I've left
someone else to dominate myself like that.
I know I need to take care of myself.
It is so complicated to forget your smile
The feeling, the passion, it is still there
It will be the same charms, forever
But at the moment, I wish to find another love
At the moment, I wish to find another love
Submitted by dowlenon1 on Fri, 01/06/2012 - 01:50
Added in reply to request by Ida90
Author's comments:

I DO love her songs and her fabulous voice, I'm lucky to be brazilian when we are talking about this beautiful example of loveliness.


Cuidar Mais De Mim

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Ida90    June 3rd, 2012

Beautiful song. Thanks

dowlenon1    June 4th, 2012

Hi Ida,

Thank you for your comment, I am happy to know I managed to help you Regular smile I have read the translation again, and I noticed a typo with "left" in "It was too big the pain I've left", but I have already corrected it.

If you think there is any other error or typo, please feel free to tell me, I will be glad to fix it and improve my english knowledge even more. Regular smile