I cherish this pure love (Cuvam Ovu Ljubav Svetu)

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I cherish this pure love

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When I am sad,
It won’t last long
Because you are here beside me.
When I feel blue,
It is sweet pain,
Because I know you are mine.
When coldness
Squeezes my heart,
Your touch warms me up,
Like love in that world
Nothing is so pure.
I tremble with excitement,
Bigger than the Universe,
When you cuddle up.
What a wonderful feeling,
When you embrace me
And it feels better.
That is why I cherish and protect
This pure love,
Bigger that anything else,
The biggest of all in the world.
Without it, it is cold
And flowers fade away.
I am not giving, not giving
Not giving, not giving
It to anyone!
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Cuvam Ovu Ljubav Svetu

Kad sam tužan
traje kratko
jer ti si tu kraj mene
kad sam sijetan
boli slatko
jer znam da imam tebe
Kad hladnoća


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