I Keep This Sacred Love (Cuvam Ovu Ljubav Svetu)

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I Keep This Sacred Love

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When I'm sad
It lasts briefly
Because you're there beside me
When I'm melancholic
It hurts sweetly
Because I know I have you
When the coldness
Tightens the heart
Your touch warms me
Like a love on that world
Nothing's as that holy
I tremble from restlessness
Greater than universe
When you hold me tight
Lovely is the feeling
When you give me a hug
It all starts better
That is why I cherish and keep
This sacred love
Greater than all
Greatest on the world
Without it it's cold
The flowers vein and
I will not give it
I will not give it
To anyone
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Cuvam Ovu Ljubav Svetu

Kad sam tužan
traje kratko
jer ti si tu kraj mene
kad sam sijetan


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