If (Da mi je)

English translation


In bed you're mine until I dream of you
only in that dream am I doing well
but life with him, or with anyone else
is just smoke...
Time has stopped since when you aren't mine
and the times comes now when I dial your number
on this day I tell you about everything
that hurts me
If, if your magic
breaks my sadness like alcohol
if, if your love
leaves me leaving breathless...
I want it, I want it like never before
the honey and poison from your lips
I want it, I want to remember it, of
what I can't hurt you with...
That's not love, other lips
burn me like salt in my tears
'cause you're the only poison
that suits me.
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Da mi je

U krevetu si mom sve dok sanjam te
samo u snu tom meni dobro je
a život s njim, il' sa bilo kim
je samo dim...
I stao mi je sat od kad nisi moj
i dođe mi da sad okrenem ti broj
na ovaj dan ti priznam sve