Firstly, what is love (D'abord c'est quoi l'amour)

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Firstly, what is love

Listen, my sweetheart
Often you speak too much
Often you play with words
But when you speak
I don't play around
I believe you
When you say I love you
I understand it's for life
But for you it's one night
And without knowing what love is
You spend your time
Talking of love
Firstly, what is love
You don't know love
A word that is forgotten
You think it's that
The most important thing
Is that it's not something that's said
But something that's seen
A gesture, a touch, a glance
I often cry out for you
To pretend to believe it
Firstly, what is love
You don't know love
A word that is forgotten
You think it's that
What I feel for you
It's like a flood of joy
A fire which burns
In my centre
Yes, it's that
But yes that's love
It's in the heart of love
Open your arms to me
That's love
It's that
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D'abord c'est quoi l'amour

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BuenSabor    March 5th, 2013

I can't see any errors. I thought I found one but I was just reading it wrong.

Your sense of the words is right. Your terseness & syllable count are excellent.

Stylistically, I'm disappointed that the underlying song is revealed as being so artless. Its original rhyme scheme is banal and haphazard, not worth the struggle to reproduce or implement. The original French phrasing doesn't "feel" right. And it gets distracting to have to guess where the cedillas go. ("ça" not "ca"!) But these have nothing to do with the quality of your translation.

crimson_antics    April 9th, 2013

Hi Regular smile Only some minor mistakes:

"Often you play with words": 'play on words'

"Is that it's not something that's said": 'Is those things we don't say / What is left unsaid'
"But something that's seen": 'But that we see'

bonney12    February 5th, 2014

"Au milieu de moi" is more like, "Inside of me"

That's the only thing I can see Regular smile Great translation!