Down my street (Dans ma rue)

English translation

Down my street

Far from happiness and the islands
Where misery is streching out
Close to the workshop where the oppressed one
Consoles himself with yeses
More roads, more landmarks, only short-cuts
Most of the time nothing but traps, traps, traps
Where feeding yourself is a movie
And to feed your people your role
The road will inspire some scences
Taken from bad scripts
This time she can provide you with all possible plans
But tomorrow who knows, who knows, who knows
I want some sun oye oye oye oye
I want some homelike sun oye oye oye oye
I want some sun oye oye oye oye
On the concrete held so dear
Nothing new down my street
Just an avenue of hazards, no future
What, what, what does she know about that, nothing
What does she know about that, nothing
What does she know about that, nothing, nothing
When you have no option left
You follow her because there's nothing else you could do
There are those who haven't reached the bottom yet
Who talk about her like of a trophy
There's neither a first nor second place here
The more you hang around here you loose, loose, loose
When she's everything you've got
Oh how you dream of other places
Because she's verything you have and even from far away you'll love her
Because she has raised us, told us everything she knew about what was to come
All the better leave her, leave her, leave her
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Dans ma rue

Loin du bonheur et des iles
Ou la misère prens ses aises.
Près du holulo presse
Se console avec des “Si”
Plus de chemins plus de reperes que des racourcis
Pour la plus part pieges pieges pieges