The Second Face (Das zweite Gesicht)

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The Second Face

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The voice is trembling and the gaze like ice
Somebody is about to go too far
The tongue is locked and loaded
To let loose words, to make some enemies

The arrowheads are soaked in poison
The enemy will tremble when you hit
You triumph, when he falls
But tomorrow at this time you feel sorry

Rooster fight for a pile of shit
Burn someone for a bad joke
Drown a spider while in the tub
Teach somebody that you're smarter

It's trapped under your skin
You know it wants to break out - into the light
The cage door slowly swings open and then it shows
The second face

A beast lives inside your house
You lock it up; it breaks out
The same game every day
From cradle to the grave

It gets through every door
It lives with you and me

You want to go ahead, the others want to go back
You have visions but they can't follow you
Somebody is between you and your happiness

And it makes you crazy, you can't take it

You watch yourself and hear yourself talking
Right now your just sensationally off
You try to get off the gas but your foot is paralyzed
You see the wall and run into it

You cheat, since you don't want to loose
Then celebrate as if nothing ever happened
Your conscience is drunk
Your best friend's wife is coming home with you.

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Das zweite Gesicht

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