I wonder why I met you ? (De ce oare eu te-am cunoscut?)

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I wonder why I met you ?

I wonder why I met you ?
And why I've got you in the arm ?
Why were you kissing my lips ,
If you wanted to forget me ? (x2)
Without you, no flower smells,
Without you, life doesn't make any sense ...
Under your comforting eyes
I was happy always . (x2)
Here it is , the separation came, too
And, I remained only with the memories ,
The memory of the evenings of May
When you kissed me on the lips (x2)
Like a thorn on the flower, you threw me away
You left my soul wounded,
In the silence of the night, secretly I cry
For I'll not hold you on my chest anymore.
Perhaps one day on my way
The sun will rise again ...
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De ce oare eu te-am cunoscut?

De ce oare eu te-am cunoscut
Şi de ce pe braţe te-am ţinut?
Gura tu de ce mi-o sărutai
Dacă ai vrut uitării să mă dai? (bis)
Fără tine nu miroase nicio floare,
Fără tine viaţa n-are rost...
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