Simone & Simaria - Defeitos (English translation)

English translation


Whoever's love is true
Doesn't want the other to change
Whoever's love is true
Accepts mistakes and applauds virtues
And only wants the bond to survive
We're going to be like that
I take care of you, and you take care of me
Our life will be more than wonderful
How lucky we are
I swear I won't call
If you run late to our meeting or to dinner
All of that is nonsense
I love your arrival, and minutes mean nothing
To the person who waited for you all life long
If you ever forget to hang the towel to dry
And leave it on the bed, or on the bathroom floor,
I won't care, I'll take the opportunity
I'll grasp it, and I'll smell your aroma
Because perfection is having you and your flaws
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