It depends (Depende)




Que el blanco sea blanco
y que el negro sea negro,
que uno y uno sean dos
porque exactos son los números........ depende.

Que aquí estamos de prestao,
que hoy el cielo está nublao,
que uno nace y luego muere,
y este cuento se ha acabao........ depende.

Depende, de qué depende,
de según como se mire todo depende.

Qué bonito es el amor,
más que nunca en primavera,
que mañana sale el sol
porque estamos en agosto........ depende.

Que con el paso del tiempo
el vino se hace bueno,
que todo lo que sube baja
de abajo a arriba y de arriba a abajo........ depende.

Que no has conocido a nadie
que te bese como yo,
que no hay otro hombre en tu vida
que de ti se beneficie........ depende.

Que sí quiere decir sí
cada vez que abres la boca,
que te hace muy feliz
que hoy sea el día de tu boda........ depende.

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It depends

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Let the white be white
and let the black be black,
let one and one be two
because the numbers are depends.

Let us be here
let the sky be cloudy today
let the one to be born and later to be dead
and this story has depends.

It depends, on what it depends,
it depends on how you look.

How beautiful is love,
more than ever in spring,
that tomorrow the sun rises,
because we are in depends.

That with the step of time,
the good wine is made
that everything that rises also falls,
from down upwards and from up depends.

That you have not know anyone
who would kiss you like I did
that there is no other man in your life
who is rich from being with depends

That he wants to say Yes
each time you open your mouth
that he makes you happy
that today is the day of your depends.

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it was impossible to translate it literally, because spanish is constructed differently than english..but I did my best..any questions on:

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