Marie Myriam - Der Vogel und das Mädchen (English translation)

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The bird and the girl

I am a child, and my eyes sparkle
when the brids fly above me.
They soar as high as the swallows
and look from above, the world is so lovely.
Beautiful is the boat on frothing waves,
the sunlight, the frosted flowers.
Beautiful is the song, the rumble of the sea,
and these things the wind can whisper.
White is the page, the wing of the bird.
Can you understand why I like you?
I am the child and you are the bird,
I am the night, and you are the day.
Day, bring us light, bring us joy and hope,
love and luck, don't leave me alone.
Stay by my side and adorn my life.
The world shall be full of love.
Bird, fly toward love,
bring the child along, she needs love.
You dream with me, you know my wishes.
Come on, take me with you, show me your star.
Without you I'll remain in shadows forever,
but it all seems so remote for now.
Remote are the hardships, the dark thoughts,
the long forgotten images.
Love has suffered and knows no bounds
as long as you remain a child.
I am a child, and my eyes sparkle
when the brids fly above me.
They soar as high as the swallows
and lead me to love.
Bird, fly toward love
and take the child with you, she needs love.
We are both a child and a bird,
what we seek is love.
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Quite different from the French lyrics.

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Der Vogel und das Mädchen

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