Final Dance (Dernière Danse)

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Final Dance

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I’ve glanced at her for a long time
Have hundreds of times stroked her face
I found gold
And even some stars while wiping away her tears
And I learned the purity of her curves by heart
I still draw them sometimes
She’s a part of me
I just want one final dance
Before the shadows and the indifference
Giddiness and then silence
I just want one final dance
I knew her too soon but that’s not my fault
The arrow went through my skin
It’s a weary pain
That does more harm than good
But I know from history that it’s already too late
From the look in her eyes, you can tell she’s preparing herself
For a long journey
Nothing would change if I died tomorrow
Her hands gave me
The happiness anchored in my soul
It’s too much for even one man
And I watched her leave without saying anything
Just her breathing is enough
Thank you for enchanting my life
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Just thought I'd try to translate this in my own style. Hope it flows well ^-^

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Dernière Danse

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