Drugs (Des Drogues)

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I don't believe in here
I don't believe in them
They say you'll need us
I don't care what they say
No matter what they say
Well if you need a church
Well i just need a home
And they can break my bones
No matter what they say
No matter who to pray
Continental drugs
Drugs to hurt myself
Drugs to love you better
Drugs to kick the bucket
For haunting girls
to go into the slut1
Drugs to take a look up there
Drugs for the ghetto
Drugs for endless centuries
Drugs to take a look at the sky
Drugs tasting like powder kegs
Drugs to sprinkle the artery
With added vitamins in the drugstores
Drugs for the real devils2
Drugs for the Western World
Drugs for the missing link
Drugs for nights to be sweet
Drugs to better take French leave
Drugs for your flat
Drugs for the lack inside
Drugs for the toilet block
Drugs for the means of salvation3
Drugs to see the dragons
to go after her in her dungeon4
The beauty is caught, but we don't care
Drugs to see her on her knees
Drugs for the blood of the lands
Drugs for sightseeing hell
Drugs to walk on nails
Drugs to avoid getting crazy
Drugs in the wounds of the injuries5
Drugs to crawl in the dirt6
Drugs tasting like you
like the knife punching through silk
Drugs to be the king,
the complete moron7, you see
Un-drug8 yourself
Yeah un-drug
un-drug yourself
  • 1. the sexual image is rather crude, but Saez used it a few times before
  • 2. based on the expression "avoir le diable au corps" (to have the devil inside one's body)
  • 3. probably just there for the similarity with the previous line
  • 4. First time I see Saez resorting to RPGs to find a rhyme. The guy really seems to be in poor shape...
  • 5. or "cuts of the wounds" maybe. The words are basically synonyms
  • 6. "être/tomber dans la sciure" (be/fall into the sawdust) is kind of idiomatic, like "hit the dirt" or "bite the dust"
  • 7. lit. "the king of jerks"
  • 8. that's an invented word
Do whatever you want with my translations. I'm not rich enough to sue you anyway.
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Des Drogues

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