Ever since I met you (Desde que te conoci)

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Ever since I met you

Ever since I met you
I think I started living again,
you were opening the passion
and I surrendered to you.
It's because love comes
when you least expect it.
At my age, when nobody wants you.
Today I started living again,
ever since I met you.
Ever since I met you
the reason completely fades away,
there are no wrinkles, no past,
and there won't be sun over the waves,
and you give yourself completely
in one single heart.
And we love together,
and we desire each other for an eternity,
no matter the age.
Ever since I met you,
I no longer thought I was alone,
I no longer thought I was alone.
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Desde que te conoci

Desde que te conoci
creo que e vuelto a vivir
fuiste abriendo la pasion
y me fui entregando a ti.
Es que el amor te llega
cuando menos tu lo esperas
a mis anos cuando nadie te desea


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