The First Time [ Di Yi Ci (第一次) ]

English translation

The First Time

When you look at me, you look right through me before I say anything
I’m still not sure, if I’m good enough for you
Is it just me, or you have been running and hiding
If you really choose me, I will accept it with courage
My eyes begin flickering out of control
Oh the first time I said I love you
My breath was short and my heart kept fluttering
Oh the first time I held your hands
And gently putting them down, I didn’t know where to go
That was the reason to love, that was a life commitment
Oh the first time I kissed your deep dimple
Wanna stay sober but my head was overwhelmed
Oh the first time you were lying against my chest
And stayed there for 24 hours
That was the first time I came to know forever
(#) (reff)
I feel that you belong with me, I can feel your eyes
The first time I made up my mind, it can not go wrong
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Di Yi Ci (第一次)

当你看着我 我没有开口 已被你猜透 
还是没把握 还是没有符合 你的要求
是我自己想得太多 还是你也在闪躲


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