Special Day (Día especial)

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Special Day

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I don't know if it is too late for you
I want to challenge the comfortable
It doesn't do us any good to pretend

I don't know how ephemeral your mistake is
I forgave you
Ahead of the hands of the clock

The tear dried
Away from the temporary
Beating like the sun
My heart has no age
In waiting for you

This is a special day
I want to believe in another oppertunity
We took a mortal leap
And today I'm going to see
A lighthouse in the darkness

I am not as confused as I was yesterday
Only hope brings disappointment
And it's so easy to fall

The world in which I believed
The eternal and the fleeting
I prefer to end them even though you hide the truth from me
more vulnerable

Beating like the sun
My heart has no age...(aah, ooh)

Special day, Aaah ooh ahh ahh

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Día especial

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