Hind Al Bahrainya - Lahjat Al Arab (لهجات العرب) (English translation)

Arabic (other varieties)

Lahjat Al Arab (لهجات العرب)

بلهجة أهل بغداد اريدك
قولة اهل الكويت ابيك
لا تتعب انت الروح بإيدك
وتغيب عني الله يهديك
برمسة إماراتي اباك
روحي حفت تمشي وراك
بيروت انا ذبت بهواك
وقلتلك اني بدي ياك
افهمها انت بالسعودي
ابغاك يا غاية وجودي
عوزاك وهذا النيل يشهد
وبالصبرذا آخر حدودي
بالزاف حنا كنبغيك
نحبك يا سيدي نموت عليك
خايف انا بلحظه حبيبي
الروح تتتركني وتجيك
شفتك في شارع بالمنامه
وقليبي غص والله بكلامه
وبالدوحة بنظره يا ساتر
لقيته غارق في غرامه
ارجوك ريحني وتعال
الدنيا من بعدك محال
بكل لهجات العرب
ابيك مافيها مجال
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English translation

Dialects of the Arabs

With the dialect of Baghdad: I want you
And how the Kuwaitis say: I want you
Don’t get tired, the soul is in your own hand
And if you disappeared from my sight, may Allah guide you
With the Emirati accent: I want you
My soul decayed while walking after you
Beirut: I have melted in your passion (with Beirut dialect)
And I told you that I want you
Understand it then with the Saudi (dialect)
I want you, oh; you’re the reason of my existence
I need you, and here is the Nile stands as a witness (Egyptian dialect)
I have reached the last limits of my patience
I like you so much (Moroccan dialect)
I love you milord, I would die for you (North African dialect)
I’m afraid, my love, that at any moment
My soul leaves me and goes to you
I saw you in a street in Manama (Bahrain)
I swear, my heart shrunk with his words
In Doha, with that look, oh Lord (Qatar)
I found him drowned in his passion
please, release me and come
Life after you is quite impossible
With all the dialects of the Arabs
I want you, there is no other way
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