This song's got no lyrics (Dieses Lied hat keinen Text)

English translation

This song's got no lyrics

I know a song and it's a wonderful one
The likes of which I've never seen
Yet currently
The lyrics aren't complete
So we have to make do without any poetry
Ba babadi, balar lapadu
This song's got no lyrics
Stip stip, darli dido
It doesn't need any anway
O dschi budschi, dschi badschi, dschi bideldidelwo,
You're enchanted as soon as you hear that
Di wi, di wa, di wo wawa,
(...) some lyrics anyway
There's no mention of love in there
And yet and yet and yet
When I'm singing this song into your ear
You will kiss me afterwards and again1
Ba babadi, balar labadu
This song's got no lyrics
Stip stip, stip, darli dido
Love keeps growing and growing
Music is the wonderful language of love
For our happiness cannot be put down in words
All the wonderful things
Are so much better said using notes
In this favourite song of mine
Wa wabadi, balar labadu
This song's still got no lyrics
Now you see and understand:
All you need is a little melody
And you simply sing:
Babaraba ridelraba rabdab ribeldibel di badu
  • 1. A pun on "nach(her)" ("afterwards") and the idioms "nach und nach" ("piece by piece", "more and more") and "noch und noch" ("again and again").
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Dieses Lied hat keinen Text

Ich weiß ein Lied, und dieses Lied ist wunder-, wunderschön,
Ich habe so etwas im Leben nie geseh'n.
Jedoch sind gegenwärtig
Die Worte noch nicht fertig -
So muss es ohne Dichtung geh'n!
Ba babadi, balar lapadu,
Dieses Lied hat keinen Text.