Almafuerte - Dijo el droguero al drogador (English translation)

English translation

The dealer said to the junkie

Saying no to drug
is denying god.
The dealer said to the junkie.
Drugstores drug, drugaddiction.
Drug-dependents, drugaddicts.
They drugged, drugg and will drug
the drugged junkie on drugs.
Doctors in Laws,
who won't defend,
without cash in hand
or property to seize.
Court, trial, judge
justice will judge.
Overflowing prisions,
dreams of freedom.
Research of criminal records.
Police station, incommunication.
Hummliating treatment of stuck-up.
Affirmative, negative.
Dealer and junkie are set free
they're not controlled nor quarreled
They're benefiting of the forbidden.
Tempation is huge,
temptation is legal.
That's why I locked myself up
in front of the TV,
waiting for the death,
the mother that gave birth to them.
Sold news by the controller
are broadcasted, showing action.
The effective inspection was positive.
And in Chacarita was burned,
all the drug that was going to drug
the drugged junkie on drugs.
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Dijo el droguero al drogador

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