Dil De Diya Hai

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Dil De Diya Hai

i have given you my heart and i will give you my life as well[2]
i wont hesitate for a sec my love
i swear to god my love swear to god
the way that life showed it self to me
i couldn't even imagine it would be like this
i didn't know it would change from that to this
that i become unfaithful to you like this
pity me.forgive me
do this little favor to me
i became insane after being a tramp
how i couldn't realize your honesty
my wish is that i love you to the point that
i sacrifice the both worlds under your steps
take away my life.take away my happiness
and give me give me all of your sorrows
in the path of my love and in my story
just know that these all will pass
in tears of sadness fire will shine
and the color of loyalty will blossom today in it
you will stay close and never be forgotten
so don't hurt me more than this
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i hope i got the last part right

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Dil De Diya Hai

Dil de diya hai, jaan tumhe denge
Ho, dil de diya hai, jaan tumhe denge
Daga nahin karenge sanam
Ho, rab di kasam yaara rab di kasam


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