Year after year (Din an în an)

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Year after year

Year after year they're coming back
At the window, on Christmas Eve
Everything is frozen and the road is dangerous
But it's an ancient tradition.
There's a party and there's a dance
At your house now
There are still homes without fire
But a better year is coming (soon).
There is joy and there's singing
At your house now,
But don't forget when you are enjoying,
Romanian, to be good!
Come, come to celebrate
Come, come, singing along
May the New Year be rewarding
And may there be peace on Earth!
May the babies be healthy
May they become strong,
You, good people who are (only) passengers
Happy New Year, happy New Year, happy New Year!
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Din an în an

Din an în an sosesc la noi
La geam cu Moș Ajun,
E ger cumplit și drumu-i greu
Dar e-obicei străbun.
E sărbătoare și e joc
În casa ta acum
Mai sunt bordeie fără foc


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