Plastic (Poland) - Dlatego (English translation)

English translation

That's why

'Cause inspiration has its rights
Each of us cares about his/her own freedom
'Cause the mind goes ahead but the heart goes backward
That's why
Strange me, strange you
Imagination without boundaries - three witches
And it raises us above the time
Above the time
'Cause our sounds has been broken
And great words haven't swollen
We are where we are not supposed to be
But we want to live
'Cause friendship is strongly attached to us
And love is something that happens only once
And we still don't know what is what
...and this too
In the air, songs and dust are hanging
And there's nothing to lose anymore
'Cause the dream about flying is coming back
Yes, this one
And again we're lighter than two butterflies
'Cause only with music, it makes sense
And we will not give up, oh no... already know how it is
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