Dogum gunu (Dogum Gunu)

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Dogum gunu

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i can't see inot peoples' faces
my throat is knotted and can't be undone
even if you wanted me to, I can't come to your side
if i could only catch this darkness, if i could catch it and tear it up!
oh if only my hand wouldnt catch fire i could hold your hand
if i didn't keep quiet, if i spoke, if i could hear your voice
if i could only hold your beautiful face, press it to my bosom
my birthday my rose x 2
my birthday you're saying
happy birthday, be happy for years to come
from beads i made you a bird that you will place in the window
the police will take me and interrogate me for nights
don't wait for me, maybe i won't return... i can't return for years to come!
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Dogum Gunu

İnsanlarin yuzlerini goremiyorum
Bogazim duğum duğum, cozemiyorum
Istesen de yanina gelemiyorum
Tutsam su karanligi, tutsam da yirtsam
Ah elim tutusmasa da, elini tutsam
Susmasan, konusan, sesini duysam
Tutsam guzel yuzunu, bagirirma bagirsam


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