Doronbo's Spoilsport [ Doronbo Shirake (ドロンボーのシラーケッ) ]

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Doronbo's Spoilsport

Doronbo's so famous already
The hot leading villains
Doronjo, Tonzura, Boyakki
We can do it (yes), we can do it (yes)
We have an easy way about us
"Well now, here's your punishment, bei"
Oh, again there's no Doku-chan
Today it's just his voice once more
Spoilsport (yeah)
My dears gave me a letter
She's(?) getting married though she's just a high school senior
Doronjo, Tonzura, Boyakki
We can do it (yes), we can do it (yes)
Making mechas, from one to the next
"Well now, restrain yourself, bei"
Oh, Doku-chan came again
We want to see his true identity
Spoilsport (yeah)
A secret of our popularity is our sexiness
We're really smart and perpetually powerful
Doronjo, Tonzura, Boyakki
We can do it (yes), we can do it (yes)
It's good to do bad things
"Well now, AKAPONTAN* bei"
Oh, we still love Doku-chan
We wish we could face him (see his face)
Spoilsport (yeah)
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Author's comments:

*Interesting link: - Talks about how the phrase "akapontan" is just nonsense created to keep people guessing at its meaning. It was combined from what the other female villains in Time Bokan say: "sukatan" and "anpontan". Supposedly, the line was originally supposed to be "baka toji masuke", which are three different ways of saying "idiot/fool/etc". Also, the title is "shirake" (白け) not "shiraketsu" - a small ッ at the end of a sentence, etc, indicates a glotteral stop, as though the speaker has been cut off.

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Doronbo Shirake (ドロンボーのシラーケッ)

もうこんなに有名よ ドロンボーよ
悪役主役よ もてもてよ
ドロンジョ トンズラ ボヤッキー
あらまたいやね ドクちゃんね


UserPosted ago
Choppasmith7 years 9 weeks
Choppasmith     January 25th, 2010

That's interesting about the akapontan, I've always wondered about that. So I guess it just fits with the other nonsensical phrases like "Pochittona" and "Ara hora sa sei"? I figured it was just a fancy Japanese word for idiot. In my translation of the other Doronbo song, which was derived from an Italian translation, the nonsense words were actually translated into things like "So Skillfull" and "What a problem"

And thanks about the title, I'll fix it. Awesome work as always ^_^

    January 26th, 2010

Well, you could string together a translation of any of those if you really wanted to, since there are so many homonyms in Japan. Like for "akapontan"... aka = "red"; pon = "pawn"; tan = cute name suffix... so there, you have a psuedo-translation of "little red pawn" or something... but it's still nonsense. Especially with anime/games, translators (including me) fall into the trap of not knowing if something is a character's name, a move, or some other specific phrase - since it didn't sound like anything I knew in Japanese, I researched it to be sure. But that's how things that shouldn't be translated end up being given rough translations.

Although I will say that "ara hora sa sei" looks like it says, "oh/hey, look (at this), etc!"