Worship Songs - 'Eiki Ko e 'Ofa 'A'au (English translation)


'Eiki Ko e 'Ofa 'A'au

'Eiki ko e 'ofa 'a'au ko e moana loloto
Pea ngalo hifo ki ai, 'eku ngaahi angahia
Pea kuo 'ufi'ufi 'eku kovi kotoa pē
'Eku kovi kotoa pē
'I he vaivai hoku jino pea vaivai mo e loto
'E poupou 'e he taulani hoku laumālie holi
Pea u ongo'i o 'ilo 'a e 'ofa ta'engata
'A e 'ofa ta'engata
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English translation

Lord, My Love...

Versions: #1#2
Lord, my love is like the deep ocean
And my sins are lost in the depths thereof.
All of my sins1covered up
All of my sins.
When my body is weak, the soul2 [too] is weak
The priest/ess then aides my yearning soul.
And I feel and know eternal love
Eternal love.
  • 1. lit. bad
  • 2. lit. soul or inside or heart [figurative]
"Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise!"
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