Spanish Children Songs - El Burrito (English translation)


El Burrito

El burrito está llorando
ahija ahija ahija
qué le pasa, qué le duele,
si será que va a enfermar
el burrito está llorando
ahija ahija ahija
pobrecito en la escuela
lo pusieron a estudiar.
Tiene que aprenderse bien la lección
y antes de ir a casa saber la "O"
el burrito está llorando
ahija ahija ahija
hay burrito no seas burro
ni tampoco seas llorón.
El burrito está llorando
lo dejaron castigado
por ponerse a platicar
el burrito esta llorando
ahija ahija ahija
por tontito lo obligaron
a quedarse sin jugar
y mientras no sepa hacer la "O"
seguirá copiando del pizarrón.
El burrito está llorando
hay burrito ya no llores
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English translation

The little donkey

The little donkey is crying
what's wrong with him ? why is he hurting ?
Oh, it's gonna make him ill
The little donkey is crying (1)
the poor thing, at school
they made him to study
He has to learn the lesson well
And after returning home, know the letter "O"
the little donkey is crying
Oh donkey, don't be such a dumb-bell
And don't be such a crybaby, either
The little donkey is crying
They left him there, being punished
For starting to talk (in class)
the little donkey is crying
For his antics, they forced him
to stay out of their game
And as long as he can't produce an "O"
He'll have to write and copy it from the blackboard
the donkey is crying
Little donkey, do not cry
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Author's comments:

(1) burro = donkey, burrito = little donkey

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