The Corrido of the White Horse (El corrido del caballo blanco)

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The Corrido of the White Horse

This is the corrido* of the white horse
that a Sunday happily started
he departed with the intention to get to the north
having gone out from Guadalajara
His noble rider took the rein off
took the chair off and took off just like that
crossed like a bolt Nayaritan lands
between the green hills and the sky of blue
At a slower step he got to Escuinapa
and near Culiacán he was getting behind,
they say that in Los Mochis he was about to fall
that all of his snout was bleeding.
But he was seen going through Sonora
and the valley of river Yaqui gave him his tenderness
they say he was limping with his left leg
and despite it all he continued his adventure.
He got to Hermosillo, he followed towards Caborca
and near Mexicali he felt he was dying
he climbed step by step through La Rumorosa
arriving to Tijuana with the light of day.
Having achieved his deed he went to Rosarito
and didn't want to lie down before seeing Ensenada,
and this was the corrido of the white horse
that departed one Sunday from Guadalajara.
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Author's comments:

*A corrido is a mexican musical genre made popular during the revolution that praised the achievements of militar leaders or told stories about great deeds, anecdotes, historical events, and other themes that the comunity brought together.

It was nice traslating this song and thinking about all those beautiful places in Mexico. Cheers!

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El corrido del caballo blanco

Este es el corrido del caballo blanco,
que un día domingo feliz arrancara
iba con la mira de llegar al norte
habiendo salido de Guadalajara.
Su noble jinete le quitó la rienda
le quitó la silla y se fue a puro pelo
cruzó como rayo tierras nayaritas


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