The Loser* (El Perdedor)

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The Loser*

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What more do you want from me
When the past is proof of your love
And I don't have the courage
To escape from the pain forever
It's too much of me to ask
For us to continue in this hypocrisy
How much longer will I be able to live
In the same lie
No, don't go around bragging, no
That you've stolen my heart
And I have nothing more [to give]
Yes, I'd rather be the loser
The one who has given you everything
And I have nothing more [to give]
I have nothing more [to give]...
I can no longer continue
Resisting that strange sensation
It chills [over] my skin
Like the winter out of season
Your gaze and my gaze
Ignoring each other in the distance
All has become meaningless
And emptiness is better than forgetting
I prefer to let you go
Than to be your prisoner
And don't go around
Claiming to be the mistress of my emotions
What more do you want from me
When the past is proof of your love
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Submitted by phantasmagoria on Thu, 14/11/2013 - 03:43
Author's comments:

*= I translated 'El Perdedor' as its literal meaning, someone who has lost, a loser. An alternative to the title would have been "The One Who Has Lost".

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El Perdedor

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UserPosted ago
Sweet Latina2 years 28 weeks
Sweet Latina     November 14th, 2013

Solo una cosa CL.
No sería "to escape FROM the pain forever"?

Saludos! Smile

phantasmagoria     November 14th, 2013

Si tienes razón, se me olvido el 'from'. Gracias! Lo corregí Smile